Hive check

So we actually did this 2 days, and that’s the day we checked our hives hoping we can add the top half of our hive bodies.




























Day 1 – The Beginning.

So I don’t know if this is posting to the right area, if not I will fix it in a few days.

So here is the wife setting up her new bee hives. We did a day trip to the finger lakes to pick up 2 nucs to get things started. So these are pics of her transferring the frames from the nucs to the hives.


So it’s that time…

Yes, we are making beer again.  Sorry that it’s been awhile, but between life happening and my realization that I’m not a great (hell good) blogger, these lapses of my take on life will happen.  And to let you people know, life happening in this case was the end of a life.  Nursie’s mother passed away and we had things to take care of.  And as the saying goes, now on to the show.

So back a little over 3 weeks ago, we decided to make my Caribou Slobber, I got that kit from Northern Brew.  But things don’t always work out and the passing of Nursie’s mother caused us to leave town the day we had planned on moving the brew from carboy 1 to carboy 2.  So yes it sat in its first fermenter for 3 weeks.  I have no idea how that will effect it, but we’re going to find out.  When we thief some wort for our O.G. measurement we taste it, as many home brewers do.  And it was good.  We stole a taste again when we moved it to the second fermenter and it was still tasting good and it was reading about 5.5% so not bad.  I’m thinking that we’re going to hit ~6.0%.  I’m thinking I’m going to leave it in the second fermenter for 2 weeks and then bottle it.  That will let it sit in bottle for 2 weeks before our party and I’m hoping it turns out good.

Now if I could figure out how to post with my phone like I was before I would have left a hint about what we did Saturday, but it seems as though they updated the blog app and I just need spend some time trying to figure it out.  That aside, we made more beer.  Yes Nursie wanted to make her beer.  That was a bit stressful and it had nothing to do with it being “her” beer.  It had to do with the oldest child misplacing the extras.  Extras you ask, yes the extras.  Nursie had decided that she wanted an Oktoberfest for the party.  She did want any old Oktoberfest though, she wanted to tweak it.  She wanted it to hit ~8%.  Her way of making sure Oktoberfest was fun.  To do this we need to add extra ingredients and the oldest had misplaced them, not on purpose.  This is where the stress came from.  But in the end all was good, we found the extras, and we made beer.  Now an Oktoberfest is not an ale, it is a lager.  Why do I bother mentioning this, because lagers are cold fermented.  And there you are asking so?  Well the thing is we don’t have the needed equipment to do a cold ferment.  But it happens to be that this is one of the lagers that you can brew as an ale and have it possible turn out half decent, or at least that the rumor.  Well we will find out soon enough.  This beer decided to stress us the following day, because instead of seeing all kinds of bubbling goodness, it was just flat liquid in a bottle.  And that results in panic and a quick trip to the local home brewer’s store.  They calmed us down a lot by letting us know that the yeast, which is a lager not ale yeast, is a very slow working yeast.  About 24 hours later it finally started bubbling and 36 hours later it was finally pushing hard.  All my beers are usually done, or close to done by then.  So yes this is a new experience.  Yes the wort tasted good and no we don’t have a good guess on its percentages.  We do have a bad guess and we’re think it’s going to be 12% at minimum.  Yes, she was shooting high, but no not that high.  The sad part of this is that because it is such a slow fermenting beer it will not be done for the party.  It should be done in time for JR’s visit in October, but that’s only a guess.

So I’ll try to post more, but don’t hold me to it. Cyas!

It’s been a while

So it’s been a while since I posted anything. If I could type while driving there would be thousands of post, mostly me bitching about idiots on the road. At any rate, my stout is alright and we know what we did wrong. And it seems that because of the problem we ended up with a stout with very low alcohol. Live and learn.

So info on my first batch of beer

Alright so here is some info about my first batch of beer.  Being it was my first batch, I had confused some steps and I had grain in my brew during the boil stage.  Because of that mistake, we were given the opportunity to make another mistake which was to burn the bag to the bottom of the pot.  And yes, we think we know why that happened.  We think the bag wasn’t lifted high enough when we put the wort chiller in and we pinned the bag to the bottom.  The good news there would be that means the burn was no more than 5 minutes long.  A little preface here, we use to have saltwater fish tanks and because of that we know how to read hydrometers.  Ok, now you’ll understand why the next problem occurred.  We didn’t think to pay attention to our new hydrometer, one for brewing, so we didn’t realize that we could read the wrong set of numbers.  Or better put, we thought the numbers we were looking at were one thing and in reality they were something different.  So I do not have an O.G. reading.  But these things all led up to a valuable learning experience to make us better brewers and it did not deter us from brewing.  This is why we went ahead and made Nursie a batch of beer, with a whole lot less issue.

Sorry it took so long to post this, I think once I get use to the whole blogging thing I’ll keep up better with info.

Brewing, the day after

So let me throw a couple of pictures out here.

That’s the pot in action.

That’s a bag of oatmeal being removed at the completion of it’s steep.

Pot back in action

Keeping the boil going

So here is a piece I forgot to show off earlier, but it was just put in the pot so we’re down to under 5 minutes of boil time left

Maybe a better pic of what that is

And that is a mess, an accident, or as we like to call it a learning experience

The other part of our learning experience

Finally in the bottle

So, being that I’m learning how to blog and learning how to blog with my phone I’ll explain what happened and what all the items in the pictures are.

Maybe even become informative…

So I was just chatting with a friend of mine, squirrel.  Yeah, I hate those moments.  I can’t mention this friend’s name, I mean I could but it would be the wrong thing to do.  So I guess I need to come up with some way of separating friend A from friend B.  And I’m guessing I might use a cheat sheet, so I don’t get confused, and aliases.  So back to what I was saying.  So JR and I were chatting and he had an idea for my new blogging endeavor and in a nutshell it’s to be informative.  So with that I said, I’m going to try and also post info about the stuff I’m going to talk about.  Best case, it helps some people learn some new stuff.  Worst case, only I get to learn stuff.  But hey, as long as someone is learning something all is good.